When and Why - Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing - Therapy without words - Deep tissue massage with your clothes on - Acupuncture without needles. 

This is one of my favourite catch phrases of Zero Balancing (ZB) as it so simply outlines the levels this therapy may act on. 

ZB - When and Why? Here are 3 major areas that ZB can help with in your body. 

Back and Joint Pain - ZB works directly with the the bones, joints and articulations of the spine to relieve tension within. This allows freedom of movement, reduced nerve pain and muscle relaxation. 

Stress and tension - Because it feels good to feel good. Our bodies hold onto stresses and traumatic events as we go through our life and they build up as layers in our core/bones. ZB works at the core/bone level and it’s protocol is designed carefully to target areas where tension may manifest and to relieve these stresses without bringing them to the forefront of the clients mind. 

Trouble Sleeping - ZB envokes a deep sense of relaxation as if your body is reset back to zero. Since working with the energy and structure of the body ZB seeks to align these two systems. It is reasonable to think that if one lives a highly energetic lifestyle that when it comes time to sleep the energy remains surging through the body. ZB enables this energy to be grounded through the skeletal system. Therefore, giving the feeling of alignment and balance which is a much more desirable state for rest. 

Although this is a very limited outline of some of the benefits to regular ZB treatments, I hope it has broadened your understanding of this wonderful therapy. 

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