Dancing - Moving as One

As we sit here in the car on our way to auckland for the first competition of the year I feel that now is a good time to change the direction of our blogs for a little while.

There is always something special and exciting about travelling to a dance comp. You are filled with anticipation and ambition and of course a few nerves. I feel very lucky to be involved in such a wonderful sport. When else can 2 people get dressed in their absolute best and move gracefully, quickly, slowly and sometimes sharply around a dance floor as if they were one person. 

It's a romantic and often nostalgic feeling as we take ballroom dance into the future from what our grandparents had in the local hall every weekend. 

The Future of Dance....now there's an interesting topic. Just quickly for today though. What an exciting time it is for us dancers of today, we are absolutely at a point where we have the influence of what has been but the knowledge of years of technique development which we can showcase and utilise to create the ballroom dancing of tomorrow. 

Email: libertynewzealand@gmail.com

Phone: 027 840 3603 

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