The Fulcrum

FULCRUM - noun - The point against which a lever is placed to get purchase, or on which it turns or is supported. 

For today's purpose we will think of the Fulcrum as a point against which a lever is supported. Now think of the lever as your body and the point as a Zero Balancing (ZB) practitioners hands, which create this fulcrum. This is now the basis for the action of ZB.

In ZB the Fulcrum, as explained above, is the working tool and can be further described as pressure applied to areas of held tension in the body at a stronger force than what is currently held. This pressure is focused at the bones and joints of the body, it is held for a period of time and then released. 

While this pressure is held it promotes balance and change at the point of the Fulcrum. During the release of the Fulcrum the body is able to let go of the tension which was previously held. You may now think of a fulcrum as a "reset button". 

During a ZB treatment the practitioner follows a specific protocol designed to locate areas of tension and is given the opportunity to apply Fulcrums as and when they are needed. 

It is an amazing and truly unique experience to have this attention paid to your bones and joints. This tissue often forgotten as a tissue that holds tension, can be malleable and holds our true self. 

Dr Fritz Smith said "Every well placed fulcrum takes us home".

This certainly is something which brings me much fulfillment and is part of my love of the Fulcrum. 


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