ZB and Me

February 23, 2017

After studying the human body since leaving school I was introduced to Zero Balancing (ZB) in 2015. A friend of mine had been studying ZB and mentioned to me there was a course coming up and that I should join. To convince me she came and did a treatment on me.

Once standing up from the table I instantly felt the need to take deep breaths and this feeling continued for the rest of the next day. I was very intrigued by this feeling as I had not felt this from other therapies I had tried in the past. I then decided to attend my first ZB training course, needless to say this was the beginning of my journey.

I studied with Anne Kershaw in NZ and travelled to the USA in 2016 to study with Dr Fritz Smith, Michael Oruch and James McCormick. It was here in the USA that I received my Certification from Fritz, something I am very proud of and will always treasure.

Having to take deep breath after my first session


is not my only benefit from ZB. As a 10 year old I received a head injury which caused me to live with a headache. No previous body therapy had managed to permanently relieve me of this headache and it was through Anne's work on my head and body that I learned that my headache did not have to be part of my life and that I could feel pain-free. After several treatments my headache went away and I was able to go about life without this constant stress.....What a relief!

ZB continues to amaze me and I feel again what a privilege it is for me to be able to offer this therapy and to help people experience the same change as I have in my life.


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